“Balur method” Treatment Based on Mercury (Hg) and Amalgamat Complex Detoxification From the Body Through Basic of Modern Physics Theory

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By : G. Zahar, Sutiman B.S


Our experience for the past ten years in handling more than 30,000 patients has lead us to a huge understanding of this subject and produced invaluable experiments supported by scientific evidence and information. The “Balur” experiment has increased our sensensitivity and our knowledge on the basic theories because the researchers have actively participated in this experiment. This resulted in both visual as well as recorded evidence of what used to be thought as the impossible. Moreover, we were able to do so even without any assistance from overseas. Our understanding on the nature of “human” have become better each day. At the same time, we are making changes in our techniques in order to achieve a holistic therapy. Therefore, we developed the balur method focusing on the patience’s consciousness, acceptance, and comfort. One method used in the detoxification process is minimizing toxic fumes from the body using filtered Divine klobot (cigarettes).

When we are handling a patient, we as balurers are able to feel their pain, which in turn, enables us to realize that the conventional balur method still requires further refinement by enhancing our knowledge on basic biology, chemistry, and modern physics.

Grounded research on this matter is very suitable for Indonesia, especially for scientists who are short of laboratorial equipments and media resources. Since the July 2006 “INVENT,” when nano sized crystals were found in balur waste, it became clear that the “ancient” balur process is in fact supported by basic physic theories, as well as Einstein’s Relativity theory.

The success was possible only when we, scientists worked together. We cooperated with Prof. Sutiman et al in researches because we have the same vision and mission, and we are both sincere in helping Indonesia. Prof.Sutiman B.Sumitro PhD also works together with other groups consisting of bio-molecular scientists, physicists, chemists, pharmacists, agro experts, and a group of doctors.(www.smartbio.org)

A clinic was opened in May 2007 at Dr. Saraswati’s house. it has since moved to Jln. Surakata 5, Malang, supervised by Dr. Saraswati Bagyo, and assisted by Dra.Tintrim MS, Prof.Dr.Sri Kumalaningsih, and Dr. Bagyo, head of IDI Malang.

Refining the “Balur”method system by reducing the size of toxins through nano-science and nano-technology.

Since “INVENT II” 27-7-2007, the new invention of Divine filters were found. This may be a peaceful solution despite the anti-smoking movement and the MUI fatwa.

Our success in converting toxic cigarettes into healthy ones means that not only are they environment-friendly, but also provide a soothing feeling. In addition, we have proven that the smoke from Divine filters no longer contains mercury. Our observation through a fluorescent microscope also supports this finding and we were able to see the difference between commercial cigarettes and those using Divine filters.

Currently our group is able to produce Divine filter klobot inhalants (smoke) which increases the speed of the detoxification process as the smoke shrinks toxins and thus, does not leave scars on the skin. In fact, we have also found that it also heals scars (www.divinecigarette.com and www.smartbio.org). The concept behind the balur method is to eliminate/reduce toxins that are constantly energized by protein compounds, DNA, etc. In other words, Hg/amalgam + (Hg+metal) are the main cause of health problems. We have proven this through analyzing the amount of metal in the blood and from balur waste. Our observation on our patients shows that before having balur, their blood and balur waste contained high levels of metals (Hg, Cd, etc.). However, continuous observation shows that these compounds reduce with the balur treatment until eventually they are undetected by our laboratory equipment. This is when we are able to see that our patients are getting better. The treatment has been applied to numerous degenerative health problems such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure, hepatitis, spasmophy, and myastemia. It has also been applied to treat children with special needs such as autism, cerebial palsy, Down Syndrome, etc. Analysis results of these subjects further supports our previous findings as we found that high levels of energized mercury and amalgamate were the roots to these problems considering that Hg sensitizer (see explanation) is a very good light absorber and transfers into other compounds leading to the over-production of free radicals. Ironically, its quality as a sensitizer (energized gas) also enables mercury-complex toxins to be disposed through the balur technique.


(1)Reframing Complexity: Perspectives from the North and South. Fritjof Capra, 2007

As mentioned earlier, the over-production of free radicals (GAS) can penetrate anything at all, including cells and organs. This is what causes people to have health problems. Fortunately, those GAS are selective, only energizing specific coumpounds. Based on this principle, we produced different scavenger solvents, each only targeted for their specific free radicals in order to drain the toxins via the skin.

High levels of GAS in the body cascades to the skin, which enables us to get rid of them through the “balur” technique.

By analyzing the qualities of these radical GAS starting from the smallest mass to the largest, and by predicting their location in the cell, we are able to decide what particular scavenger solvent to use. The free radicals will come out in large toxic molecules/atoms in the form of steam. This is what used to occur before 2008, causing irritation of the skin. Today, we have enhanced our balur method by applying our scientific findings from Invent 1 & 2.

Since we invented the Divine filter/klobot, all of our patients are able to go home feeling at ease and without unpleasant odors. Because
the Divine klobot inhalants produce SMOKE on a nano scale, it minimizes free radical toxic even further. In addition, it also has a deodorizing quality. When something (cells) smells bad, it is a sign that we are not healthy. Doctors normally call these cells necrosis cells. The balur therapy does not only reduce these bad odors from our patients, but also smoothens their skin.

To sum up, the technique used in this detoxification is done by capturing energized toxins and expelling them through the skin. This was initiated by the idea that the main cause of numerous health problems is Hg*/Hg*amalgamate/(Hg+)+

  • How do we unchain the Hg*amalgamate?
  • Since the chains are strongly attached to each other, how do we take them apart, considering that free radicals can only be taken apart when they are placed under huge force of more than two tons (infra red equipments)?
  • How should we do the process without causing skin irritation?
  • What should we do to make the process faster and easier?

As the substances contains complex structures particles that are magnetic-electric, self-organized, and self assembled, it is important for parents of young patients to be involved by allowing the child being twitch over top of their parents as shown in the picture.

Balur Method

clip_image002Before 2009 clip_image004New Method 2009
clip_image006Copper plate clip_image008Copper plate

Everything involved in the balur process can be proven using basic bio-molecular, chemistry, and physic theories. Alongside with complex modern physics, this has become the basis for our balur concept.

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