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JL.Otista III No:38, plot 1
Jakarta 13340
email : hombalur@yahoo.com dan fincobalur_jkt@yahoo.com

dr.Saraswati/ ibu Tintrim R.
jl. Surakarta 5  Malang
ph: 0341- 570631
email: griyashanta_701@yahoo.co.id

YPAC Malang
dr. Bambang
Jl. R. Tumenggung Suryo 39


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  1. Hardiman Setyabudi says:

    Saya ingin tanya alamat dan no. telpon Dr. Greta Zahar karena ingin berkonsultasi apakah terapi beliau dapat untuk penyembuhan Epilepsy.

  2. Dear Olaf,
    Some time last week I answered the phone for Dr. Gretha and spoke with you. You were trying to get in touch with her, and she was asleep. I am a follower of the balur process, have been doing the balurs and smoking now for 6 months. I started on June 10. 2009. I went to see Gretha with a Subud sister, Utami Geiger. I was just curious, but also inspired by the good results I saw in Utami’s appearance. Her skin looked clearer and her eyes,had more light. She seemed happier than she had been. I was worried about the smoking because I was such an addictive smoker and had given it up 8 years previous. Smoking was my friend in one sense, but in another, I was held captive by it and I got sick a lot, coughed, caught flus and was short of breath. I was diagnosed with empysema. I had to surrenderr it or live with the knowledge that I was going against myself and God. So….Anyway, I took the plunge and tried the balur, and it made me feel so sick! But at the same time, something else woke up inside of me and urged me to continue. It was as if the awareness of the sickness inside could be transformed and myself freed if I continued. The other part of me that was in distress was my back. I have osteoporisis, was diagnosed with it at the same time as the empysema, and had been taking Actonel weekly to slow down the bone loss for about 10 years. However, since my move to Indonesia I had been feeling weak in my back. It was going out often, leaving me immobile for a week or more at a time. My husband and I have a house in Kalimantan and there was no chiropractor there. I ended up finding muscle relaxants as a remedy, but I still wasn’t strong.
    I also was feeling stiff and inflexible often. Basically, I was feeling like the Actonel was no longer a solution for me and that I needed to seek something else. What, I didn’t know.

    Gretha assured me that she could get my bones to grow again, and that her method could also help me with my breathing. I liked her spirit and something in mine resonated with her and the whole clinc here. It was a crazy place, not trying to look smart, but full of love and happy people. I started by getting all of my metal fillings taken out of my mouth. I had lots, and a bridge had to be made, too. Everything in my mouth now is accrillic. There is no more metal. Then I started to go to the balur every day, far more often than most of the other patients. My goal was to cleanse myself of my illnesses quickly, because I am a resident of Kalimantan and have no home in Jakarta. And my husbaand wanted me there at our new home with him. But that was not God’s plan for me! I got very sick, the detoxification process was extreme. I ended up staying with Dr. Gretha for extra help. I had become helpless. Slowly, little by little, I became better, but the pain in my body was excruxifying, and it was difficult to find any position that was comfortable. My breathing became difficult, my body filled with phelm, it hurt to cough, but I relearned coughing to make room for air. My ear started ozzing pus and mucous, (I had had two ear operations to remove a small tumor in my inner ear), The ear is still not finished reacting, although it is much different than it was a while back.

    I am sharing all this with you because I am happy that you are planning to come here, learn more about the process and wish to bring it back to Norway. I. too, am happy with this process, and will be forever greatful to Gretha for helping me restore my health and renew my spirit. I didn’t know at the time how sick I really was, and am fortunate to have begun the balur before I got worse. But my ability to share it with others depends on me being the evidence of it, by me being able through my experience to guide others along the path. My words earlier on would have been empty of content and meaning to those I tried to help. My feelings had to be touched, the pain felt, the responsibility for the illness, chaos and disorder inside owned by me. Only then could I be of use to anyone else. This process is not just a fix up the body one. It works majorly with the emotions and soul. I find it in total harmony with the latihan of Subud, and probably was led to it through my inner training. However, I believe it is a gift from God meant to be shared with the world. And the world right now has lots of obstacles in its collective mind, anti smoking being one of the greatest. Therefore I know more than ever the importance of my own belief, which I hold through experience.

    My hope is that you will also be able to learn the balur through experiencing it yourself. I will look forward to meeting you.

    Mardiah Gleeson

  3. Tipuk Satiotomo says:

    Ibu Damayanti yth.
    saya ingin memperoleh informasi lebih lanjut mengenai Balur ini. Ayah saya (74th) sedang terbaring di RSCM, dg diagnosa Multiple Myaloma. Ditangani oleh dr hematolog. sekarang mengalami paru-paru basah karena sudah satu bulan ini tiduran saja, akibat dari lemes tubuhnya, dengan HB sekitar 7. Saya ingin membawa ayah saya ke jl. Otista, tapi saat ini tidak memungkinkan. Saya mendengar tentang metode balur dari Bp. Ricky Darmawan dan dr. Darmawan asal Tegal yang juga berobat ke Balur. Mohon tanggapan ibu. Terima kasih

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